Featured Artisan: Hoa Pham and Her Embroidery

We've been getting a lot of questions around our embroidery process, so we wanted to introduce you to our featured artisan, Hoa, to share a bit about her role as the leader of an embroidery collective in Vietnam.

To start, the embroidery that you see on our product is created completely by hand. An hour outside Hanoi, Hoa leads a group of traditional hand-craft artisans in a practice that has been taking place in Vietnam since the 1st century. By the way, the collective is essentially an entire village (how boss is she)!

Embroidery in Vietnam is a women's thing. It’s not just that women learn the craft from a super young age, they also recognize that embroidery symbolizes confidence, beauty, and self-love in home decoration as well as apparel.

Hoa learned from her mother and her aunts, and she’s been exposing the process to her grand-daughter from age two. Over the centuries embroidery in Vietnam has been all the rage at times - and it has always kept the national cultural character. Lately though, it’s more of an endangered art form. Hoa is trying to change that. We’re trying to help her do it.

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