Our Story

Every 'body' wants to feel extraordinary. TAILORU holds the spirit of a village and a picture of the globe.  Our mission is to provide the modern woman with exceptional personally crafted clothing, while carving the way for independent makers and small batch retailers’ opportunities worldwide.



TAILORU’s story starts with our founder Thu on her visit to an embroidery village in Vietnam. Vietnam is rich in culture and tradition and many villages still maintain their artisanal crafts.

In this particular instance, Thu remembered the beauty of this village but what made an impression on her was not just the art, it was the masses of people leaving their craft to work in factories.

Globalization had found its way to even the most remote parts of the country. These factories produced fast fashion pieces that consumers all over the United States wear once, twice and maybe three times before returning or discarding them.

This was wasteful. It is wasteful still.

Now this waste problem has turned a $194 billion-dollar industry into its own kind of wasteland for independent makers and retailers struggling. Thu wanted to support these independent makers and retailers and clean up this wasteland.

It’s 2020 and with TAILORU, artisans will no longer have to abandon their craft to grow in our economy. Consumers will no longer have to discard or return their clothes because now, they can purchase quality, tailored, sustainable and wearable pieces of art.

We are a group of experienced technologist, tailors, artisans, designer and developers who are passionate about the power of technology to preserve and advance craftsmanship.

This is TAILORU.



thu do profile

Thu Do
Founder / CEO



Hoa Luong designer profile

Hoa Khanh Luong
UX/I Designer



prakhar tripathi developer profile
   Prakhar Tripathi
iOS / AR Developer



mai do profile
   Mai Do
Social Media Manager



Jesse van Oss
Tailoring SME / User Researcher