Measure At Home iOS Application

Now you don't have to leave your home to get accurate measurements to share with your tailors or favorite brands. We are creating a fun and easy experience with the help of Augmented Reality. 

We're currently testing the app experience with our beta iOS app. You can download the app below. We would love to hear your feedback to make the experience even better!
If you are an independent maker or retail brand who are interested in integrating this solution with your workflow, we would love to talk! You can reach us here.

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TAILOAR Opening Screen Augmented Reality Measuring Shoulder









At TAILORU, we're all about sharing and asking questions. If you have other questions than the ones below and have new ideas for us, please head over to contact us.

These FAQ's are a friendly, English version of what we offer. For full details of our services, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.



What is TAILOAR?

TAILOAR is an augmented reality app that makes it easy to get body measurements, so you can have a bespoke experience anywhere in the world, all from the comfort of your home. 

How does this work?

We use cutting edge technology (Augmented Reality, and point-to-point measurement technology first invented by Apple) to simulate the experience of going to an actual tailor.

How long will it take to measure?

TAILOAR is faster than going to a tailor in real life, but perhaps a little more involved than some of the other measuring apps out there. We didn’t want to sacrifice speed for accuracy, so rest assured that your time will be well spent.

How do I know if my measurement is correct?

We’ve made the process as easy, efficient, and accurate as possible. The app will warn you if you go outside of a pre-existing assumed measurement. In other words, TAILOAR helps turn your preferences into specifications.

How accurate is this measurement?

Our measurements are determined by the data you enter and combined with advanced AR and GPS technology.  Following the instructions with care will help ensure accuracy.

Is my personal information stored anywhere?

No!  All your data is yours, and stored locally.  For more information, check out our Privacy Policy.

How do I get my measurement result?

Upon completing the measuring process, you will immediately have access to the measurements so you can share them with your favorite tailors and brands. We do not currently store your measurements so be sure to put your measurements to good use right away! Your data measurements will disappear upon closing of the app. 

In the future, we may develop a Profile section to help you keep track of your measurements. If you have future product ideas for us, please contact us.